For many Malaysians, if they want to travel abroad but don’t want to fly too far, going to Thailand is undoubtedly an excellent choice! However, when you are abroad, you must also keep your communication and network smooth!

There are only three ways to communicate abroad now: activating international roaming service, renting a portable WI-FI, and purchasing a tourist SIM card . The more cost-effective tourist SIM card has become the choice of many Malaysians!

Telecommunications operators in Thailand

There are three major telecom operators in Thailand, namely AIS, truemove and dtac , and they have also launched their own Traveler SIM cards. The prices of SIM cards from these three telecom operators are similar. For example, the price of an 8-day plan is 299 baht, but the details of the packages are slightly different. If you are too lazy to choose, you can basically buy any one of them and you won’t go wrong!


The largest telecommunications operator in Thailand, with low prices, high network stability, and signal in remote areas. If you are going to an island or mountain, AIS will be a very good choice.

dtac is committed to launching various solutions suitable for travelers, and has launched a “virtual SIM card”, also known as “eSIM”. Unlike ordinary SIM cards, you only need to scan the QR code on your phone to use the SIM card information, without having to put the physical card into the phone, which is very friendly to users whose mobile phone card slots are full!